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Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

I have a disability is Water’s Edge suitable?

The front drive is quite steep and we have a couple of changes in level on the ground floor. Depending on your ability it could be OK as being a bungalow it has all you would need on the one floor. But you would miss out on the attic room which is lovely.

Do we need a car?

You will need some sort of transport as you are 13 miles from Haverfordwest. I cycle and I think I could manage a week without a car. In the Summer the bus service is quite good.

Is there a local shop?

The shop in Dale has now closed. However you can buy something’s from the Cafe in Dale and there is a shop in Marloes that is quite well stocked that also has a very nice cafe. We have plenty of room for storing supplies, fresh or frozen so we would suggest you stock-up in Haverfordwest on your way through. If you have an account Tesco deliver to Dale.

Are pets allowed?

Currently we don’t allow pets however this might change in the future. If it does we will post the change on this site

What is the weather like in Dale?

It is really quite similar to Devon. In the winter it is warmer than inland and in the summer due to the sea breeze it is a bit cooler. It does rain but being way West it can often miss the rain that effects the rest of West Wales and Devon.

What is there to do if it does rain?

If weather is not great then there are lots of indoor attractions in the local area. It is worth planning ahead by looking at Coast to Coast as most of them advertise there.

Will I like Dale?

I think it is important to understand what a place is like before you book your holiday. If you are look for a safe place offering tranquillity and plenty of scope to explore you will love Dale. If you want crowded beaches, arcades, clubs and rides then you might find it a bit slow.

What if I have a problem during my week?

In the house we have broadband and the mobile signal is very good. The caretaker lives locally and is very helpful should you have problem. There is also an excellent hospital in Haverfordwest should it come to that. But if you have any issues it would be best to call me first and I will do my best to help you in any way that I can.

What day is change over?

We like the guests to be out by 10am on the day they leave to allow the cleaner time to prepare the property for the next occupants. You can enter the property from 4pm. If there are no occupants the week before you can arrive earlier but you would need to contact me so I can make sure the property is ready.

Is there some where I can launch a boat?

There is a good slipway at Dale and you can either leave the boat near the property or speak to the yacht club about a temporary place. If you race dinghies you can pay a small fee to enter the yacht clubs Sunday morning race.

Is there somewhere safe to leave bikes, Canoes, Surf boards or Windsurfers?

You can store these in the Garage.

Can we book direct?

We are new to this and at present we would like all bookings to go through the booking company. This might change in the future but for now this suits us.