What has been done so far

When we took over Water’s Edge we paid close attention to what previous guests had said about the property. We were keen to address as many of the negative comments as possible before we opened for the 2017 Summer season. To date we have:

  • Replaced the down stairs curtains cushions and some of the seat coverings
  • Re-painted and improved the rear of the property
  • Added sun loungers for use on the balcony
  • Replaced some of the cooking utensils including really sharp knives, so be careful
  • Bought a Weber Kettle barbecue
  • Cleared out the garage so it can work as a bike store
  • Improved the existing downstairs bathrooms

Our plans for this winter are:

  • To replace the downstairs bathroom and toilet (we have big plans for theses)
  • To replace the useless upstairs wardrobe with something you can get into

The place is looking great and really tidy many thanks to Hazel and Claus for cleaning and sorting out the lawns.


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